Tuesday, June 10, 2014

23 Mobile Things - Thing 23 : Evaluate

Thing 23 is all about evaluation of this online learning program.

I've participated in all 3 of the "Things" offerings over the years. I think they are great learning experiences and they help to keep me updated with tools/resources that I can use related to work or personal life.

An extra benefit is their cost-- free! Who doesn't like free-99? Especially with tightly squeezed budgets.  

graphic source: http://www.autourdelihssane.fr/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/evaluation.jpg 

A B-I-G thank you to the MN multitype library systems for providing these opportunities! I'll be waiting and watching for the next Things to come! 

Monday, June 9, 2014

23 Mobile Things - Thing 22 : Discovering Apps

Thing 22 is about finding new apps that we might enjoy.

Often times how I discover apps is that a friend or colleague recommends an app. Or I think of something that I figure there might be an app for and I use the iPhone app store search feature. I also see apps mentioned via Twitter, or Facebook, or blogs, or just news articles. And then apps are often suggested by paid-vendors hoping to grab my attention.

I just now did a quick Google search "iphone apps free today only" to see what would pop up. Often times great apps are pricey and this is a way to find a great free-99 deal. A Huffington Post Tech article pointed me to the AppShopper page and I found these free deals. Here's a snip-- note the refinement tools (highlighted) available to use:

Another result offered up iOSnoops with these deals for today, June 9, 2014.  Here's a snip:

I might keep this "app search engine" in mind for the future when I'm app hunting. Quixey. It looks promising & easy to use plus offers options to customize your search. Here's a snip:

Apps. What's life without lots of apps? I tend to have way too many-- many I download because they sound great and I think I'll use them. In reality I don't. So I occasionally go through and delete. Sometimes that's tough to do though because I still think I *might* yet use it. Hmm, this makes me think/wonder-- is there an app to clean up unused apps? Similar to the Windows platform when it informs you of all the unused desktop icons on your PC? Maybe I need to create an app to do this? Or hope somebody else has or will. 

23 Mobile Things - Thing 21 : Free-for-all

Thing 21 is all about sharing our favorite app(s)!

An app that I've been using quite a bit lately is Photofy

I love the quick & easy ways to a make a photo pop with a bit of pizzazz. Lots of features that I've not checked out yet & I might never do so but you don't need to always go to that level-- it's still possible to just add an element or two and get a great looking photo.

Here are a few photos that I've done using Photofy:

^^ This one above I added a border and my own text

^^ These two above I only added borders-- as quick and simple as that!

Another favorite app of mine is SlideShark. I talked about this in this blog post.

And another app that I think I'll like (downloaded a bit ago but have yet to try) is Happify

^^ Happify explained and how to get started.

^^ A few questions so they get to know you = customize your Happify experience.

^^ And a snip of options "tracks" to try. 

So who doesn't want to be happy? Or have a chance to increase your happiness? I hope nobody says no!